Puppy bone

8,00 €

Mini cookies for small dogs and puppy training..

Ingrédients : Weat flour, vegetal margarine, eggs, carob powder, honey, cinnamon, sodium bicarbonate.

Pack of 150 gr.

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3 gr. mini cookies perfectly adapted for puppies education and small size dogs.

Home crafted with love and with premium human grade ingredients, the wheat flour, the vegetal margarine, the carob powder, the honey, the cinnamon and sodium bicarbonate, all are organic.
All the ingredients of these little cookies were selected for their hight digestive qualities.
Carob is an energetic and hypoallergenic ingredient rich in fibers. As honey, cinnamon is wellknown to stimulate the digestion.

Garanteed free of preservatives.

To keep their texture and flavor, my cookies are packaged in airtights bags and cardboard boxes.
Keep in a fresh dry place.