Apéro crocs - cacahuète

8,00 €

Peanut flavour cookies for dog's happy hours

Composition: wheat flour, vegetal margarine, peanut butter (12%), eggs, sodium bicarbonate + share a lot of love and friendship (happy hours).

Box of  200 gr.

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APERO : pleasant time with friends
DOG : Man's best friend
APÉRO CROCS : 100% natural and healthy biscuits chic for dogs, home made with love to make the best friends enjoy together these traditional happy hours.  

I only choose top-quality and human grade ingredients. The wheat flour, the vegetable margarine and the sodium bicarbonate, all are organic.
Garanteed free of preservatives.

To keep their texture and flavor, my cookies are packaged in airtights bags and cardboard boxes.
Keep in a fresh dry place.