Biscuit chic "péché mignon"

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The carob and ginger dog cookie

Composition : wheat flour, vegetal margarine, eggs, carob powder (7%), agave sirup, sodium bicarbonate, ginger (0,4%).

Box of 200 gr.

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The color of chocolate, the taste of chocolate but without chocolate !

At last dogs can be greedy without ill effects ! Indeed, carob’s flavor is very close to chocolate, but doesn’t contain théobromine nor caffeine. It is an energetic and hypoallergenic ingredient rich in fibers. These biscuits contain a small quantity of agave syrup. Glycemic index  of agave syrup is much lower than the other natural sweeteners. It contains iron, calcium, potassium and  magnesium.
The ginger, as the carob, is used to prevent bloat. it also intensify the "chocolate" flavor for most great pleasure of chops.

I only choose top-quality and human grade ingredients. The wheat flour, the vegetal margarine, the carob powder, the agave sirup, the ginger and sodium bicatbonate, all are organic.
Garanteed free of preservatives.

To keep their texture and flavor, my cookies are packaged in airtights bags and cardboard boxes.
Keep in a fresh dry place.

Box of 200 gr.