Biscuit chic "petite quenotte"

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Ingredients : oat flour, wheat flour, vegetal margarine, a sure touch, eggs, honey (bzzzzzz), natural extract of vanilla +  a pinch of nostalgia.

Box of 200 gr.

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The mixture of oat, honey and vanilla is like the delicious porridge grandma used to make… A strong reminisence of lovely puppy time!
The use of oat flour means a biscuit with reduced gluten. Honey, famously rich in minerals has antioxidizing properties.

I handmake my biscuits, which means they might look irregular without altering their quality. Actually it garanties their authenticity. Your dog will think you have baked them especially for him !

I only choose top-quality ingredients. The wheat flour comes from French mills. The oat flour,  the vegetal margarine and the vanilla from Madagascar, all come from organic farms. The eggs are pasteurized and the honey is made by our friends the bees.
Garanteed free of preservatives.

To keep their texture and flavor, my cookies are packaged in airtights bags and cardboard boxes.
Keep in a fresh dry place.

Box of 200 gr.


Buy  3  "BISCUITS CHICS" boxes (ref/ BBA01200/ BBA02200/ BBA03200) and get 1 "P'TIT BONE" packet free.